Legal Video Network specialises in offering cloud-based video conferencing and Telepresence service for the legal professional. We connect any device, on any network, from anywhere.

Our approach is to first understand what your challenges are, and work with your firm to provide an IT hassle free video conferencing service that is affordable, reliable and easily scalable.

Video Conferencing Adoption Roadmap

Where is your firm on the roadmap?


Video Conferencing connected over unreliable and poor video quality. Lack of trust by users, therefore very low usage. Inability to maximise return on video conferencing investment.

  • Poor to Standard Definition
  • ISDN
  • Multiple vendor providers
  • No governance

Past: poor usage


Difficult to use due to complicated remote control systems and lack of scheduling process. Further significant investment required to expand video usage across offices.

  • Standard and High Definition
  • ISDN, Public IP, MPLS
  • Centralized purchase, vendor standardization
  • Serviced by IT department

Present: minimum usage


Video Conferencing part of unified communications strategy leading to fully integrated video in the daily life of the firm. Likely adoption of a cloud-based solution based on a service legal agreement. Usage report and service catalogue readily available to easily expand video usage across offices.

  • High Definition
  • Video part of Unified Communications strategy
  • Cloud-based video as a service

Future: maximum usage

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