Health Check Assessment

LVN Health Check Assessment will provide insight and statiscally proven information on the root causes that prevent video conferencing from becoming a key business advantage to your firm.

Our senior consultants will focus on People, Process, Technology and Room Environment to fully understand and share our findings after the assessment is completed.

Cloud-based video conferencing

LVN Cloud-based video conferencing provides the a complete hosted video infrastructure service with full service quality assurance and the broadest interoperability support available for video applications.

Our 24x7 concierge services operators will pre-test, launch, technically monitor and disconnect the calls allowing you to fully focus on your meeting and not on technology.

Connect any device, any network, anywhere with LVN cloud-based video conferencing platform.

Usage & Adoption

LVN Usage & Adoption program will understand and help to overcome the barriers associated with higher usage of video conference.

Our 5-step approach will cover Executive Sponsorship, End-user Insight, End-user Training, Marketing & Communications, Metrics & Actions.